Tennessee is Top 5 Happiest State

How do you feel right now? Would you say you’re happy? If so, you’re one of the reasons Tennessee is listed in the top 5 for happiest states in the U.S. A new survey that started four years ago by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collected data from 1.3 million people in all states and ranked their happiness based on various indicators. There was a tight correlation between states that rank as ‘happiest’ and states that have a high quality of life. There was also a high correlation to states that enjoy lots of sunshine and beautiful surroundings, which certainly fits a description of Tennessee. The Knoxville News-Sentinel also shares why states like New York and California ranked so low:

Rounding out the happy five were Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee and Arizona.

At the other end of the scale – last in happiness – is New York state.

As if to illustrate the problem, residents attending a meeting Wednesday in rural Queensbury unleashed their anger and cynicism at a state government they described as corrupt, self-dealing and too quick to increase taxes. It was a tirade that had one lifelong resident saying he was ready to flee “this stinkin’ state.”

Oswald suggested the long commutes, congestion and high prices around New York City account for some of the unhappiness.

He said he has been asked if the researchers expected that states like New York and California, which ranked 46th, would do so badly in the happiness ranking.

“I am only a little surprised,” he said. “Many people think these states would be marvelous places to live in. The problem is that if too many individuals think that way, they move into those states, and the resulting congestion and house prices make it a nonfulfilling prophecy.”

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